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Calico Beans

In order to have a complete “spread” of food items for your tailgate party, never forget to include quality side dish items. Calico Beans is a great blend of meat, beans and lots of flavor. It is one of those dishes that just warms up the insides when you eat it.

Calico Beans


1 lb Ground Beef

1 Medium Onion

½ cup Catsup

½ cup Brown Sugar

1 tsp Mustard

2 tsp White Vinegar

1 can Chili Beans

1 can Red Beans

1 can Kidney Beans

1 can Baked Beans

Prep Before You Go:

If you don’t have access to electricity at the game, you may want to prepare this recipe at home overnight so it’s ready to go in the morning and just reheat. Brown the ground beef ahead of time.

At The Game:

Combine all ingredients in a large crock pot and stir well. Allow to cook on a medium heat at least 3-4 hours until everything is heated and the flavors have disbursed well. If you are cooking this overnight, cook on a low heat for about 8 hours. If the mix comes to a boil, lower the heat.

Don’t Forget The Equipment:

Large Crock Pot.


Serves 8-10.


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